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VOIP / Voice Services is the transfer of voice and multimedia content over the internet. To utilize the VOIP service, users at both ends
need to have a high-speed internet connection for smooth transmission of voice and other multimedia content. With complete VOIP
services, you can call anyone, anywhere, at any time over the internet

Calling with a voice service is just like using a Public Switch
Telephone Network (PSTN)

Pick up your

Dial the number
you want to

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VOIP Services for Your Business Success

Being one of the leading VOIP services providers, we know a thing or two about VOIP services
that will help you decide whether it’s a resourceful addition to your business or not.

Low Cost

The bottom line is vital for every business, and regardless of how big or small your business is, you need cost-effective solutions. Voice service is significantly lighter on the pocket as compared to PSTN phones. The average cost of a PSTN line $50 per line each month. Compared to our VOIP services, these rates are unimaginably high for consecutive international business calls.

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PBX Cost Saving

A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is on-premise hardware that connects all the branch employees by phone. These PBX systems can be a heavy investment even for small businesses with 10-20 employees because per-person costs can range between $500 to $2000 based on your package. On the other hand, VOIP services do away with extra investment and hardware because the entire system is powered through the internet.

SIP Trunking

To facilitate the transition of phone system upgrades, many companies opt for SIP trunking called Session Integrated Protocol. It acts as a digital pathway for your voice services while maintaining the existing phone services in your office. Plus, the key benefits of SIP trunking are lower cost, instant activation, and easy to manage.

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Voice Termination

Change the way you communicate every day. Discover unmatched calling services with VOIP
termination powered by Whisl.

VOIP on Demand

You need a trustworthy partner with robust and unique VOIP solutions fit for your business
needs so you can call cross borders without worrying about roaming or other charges.

Expand Your

Easily expand your network by increased mobility in the level of communication. Our VOIP termination services support conference calls so you can stay connected with your customers and colleagues at all times.

Enhanced Call

Our advanced VOIP termination system not only promises quality of calls but clarity as well. As a result, our Voice termination call quality is often rated much higher than PSTD and our customers have the same things to say.

Immunity to

It is important to us that our customers only pay for the services they have subscribed to. Therefore, our VOIP services use IP authentication, utilize customized access restrictions SITR/SHAKEN standards of caller ID authorization and block high-charges calls to keep your business safe from fraud.